The IAM would like to get the word out about the amazing things our members are doing to get us all through this unprecedented time.

Without fanfare, IAM locals, districts and members are stepping up to find ways to assist members and their communities as we all cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Email us with your IAM hero story at or tag us @MachinistsUnion on Facebook or Twitter.

Our members in the transportation, healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing and other industries are on the front lines of this crisis on a daily basis. Let us know about how you and your Brothers and Sisters are helping us all carry on.

If you know of an IAM hero making a difference during this trying time, we would like to hear from you. Email us at or tag us on social media.

Your stories will let our union sisters and brothers in on some new ways they can help make a difference. Let’s lift our spirits together and celebrate our hard-working members.

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