IAM Local Lodge 2902 Negotiating Committee (L to R) Porter Timmons, Rigo Contreras and Vince Hernandez

Before a pilot can hit the skies, he or she needs to practice and ends up logging a lot hours on flight simulators before ever leaving the ground.  These training machines have become invaluable tools for pilots.  And taking care of these simulators is a very important task that the members of the IAMAW have been doing proudly for close to a decade.

“A Union contract isn’t just about dollars and cents.  A lot of time the benefits of an IAM contract is found in the details.  Although a raise is always good for union families, our members realize that strengthening work rules and bringing classifications together creates rewards that will last generations, showing the company that we are sincere in our solidarity to the labor movement and our cause,” said IAM’s Southern Territory General Vice President Mark A. Blondin.

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