The William W. Winpisinger Center is hosting its Organizing program in Spanish in March from the 31st to April 5. The Organizing program in Spanish mirrors its English counterpart in that it provides the local and district lodges with trained and skilled Organizers that can communicate with workers in both languages.

Great Organizers challenge us to take action; Martin Luther King Jr. challenged us – individually and collectively – to act in a manner consistent with our highest ideals. His words were powerful and compelling, the most enduring part of his legacy was his willingness to take action which laid bare social injustice – and build a movement that was capable of building a more just and equitable society.

Today, more than ever, organizing has become the key to maintaining what we have with a vision set on growth, this can only happen with a robust Organizing Committee filled with dedicated and educated members. The Organizing program in Spanish at W3 is a great way to tap into the fastest growing sector of workers in the nation.

“Demographics show that Latinos are the fastest growing sector of the labor market and for unions to grow they have to have the ability to organize and service this sector of the workforce. It is critical that our Union have the capabilities to equip and assist current and future members in order to truly be effective Organizers,” said Vinny Addeo Director of Organizing at IAMAW Grand Lodge. 

Members interested in attending the Spanish Organizing program should contact their Local Lodge President, Business Representative or General Chair immediately. Openings remain for all of the Leadership programs. Please note final assignments for all Staff programs will be made by each General Vice President.

Spanish Leadership programs do not count against your Lodge’s regular Leadership school allotments.

Click here to download enrollment forms in either Spanish or English directly from the Winpisinger Center’s website.

If you have any questions about the Spanish Leadership Programs or need any additional information, please contact Edmundo Osorio at (301) 373-8814 or

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