IAM Organizing Grand Lodge Representative Gabrielle Rogano and other members of the IAM Organizing staff are featured in the 2022 SUNY Empire State College labor calendar. It’s part of an annual calendar distributed by the Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School of Labor Studies in New York, an associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree program that includes prominent IAM alumni.

The images, which also include IAM Grand Lodge Representative Bridget Fitzgerald, lead organizer of the BCPL campaign, and IAM Organizing Special Representative Chris Casteel, are from a “Life of a Union Organizer” project Rogano completed during her summer 2021 labor in firm class.

“The images featured in the 2022 SUNY Empire State College Calendar are still shots taken from a film I created while working to help unionize Baltimore County Public Library (BCPL) workers,” said Rogano. “This was a successful campaign bringing in over 400 new members to the IAM. It’s no easy feat to create a film, in a month, while only using a cellphone, but with the support of the Organizing Department, I reached my goal. I am overjoyed to have this success featured in the 2022 calendar.”

The first calendar was released by SUNY Empire State College in 2020 and invitations to submit artwork are offered to students who are enrolled in the Labor Studies program. Since 2014, the IAM has partnered with SUNY Empire State College to offer degrees in labor studies through the Harry Van Arsdale, Jr. Center for Labor Studies.

Rogano was also featured in the 2021 SUNY Empire State College labor calendar.

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