IAM CREST provided a 3-day Setting Up a Joint Labor/Management Safety and Health Committee program for IAM District 166 and Local Lodge 2061 with Jacobs Space Operations Group at Kennedy Space Center, Florida from October 19 – 22, 2021.

The focus was to get labor and management on the same page to address past barriers and recognize the benefits of working together jointly by identifying and addressing hazards. Something we stress is that in order to have a successful joint labor/management committee you must start with a joint commitment which must be cat all levels (bottom up throughout each organization).

Class Participants: Matt Ammons, Joe Blumenthal, Doug Brownlee, Kaylee Colvin,  Mike Easley, Robert Casey Ford, Brandon Giera, Stephanie Hansen, Steve Jezowski, John Jones, Jim LaRocque, Manny Martinez, Tiffany Osborne, Tyler Polk, Christine Raub, James Severson, Nicholas Smyth, Steven Starbird, Taylor Whalen, Jim Whitaker, Chris Zeuli.

IAM CREST Instructors: Teri McClendon, Shaun Trude,

IAM CREST Associate Instructor: Danny Cooke,

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