In view of the coronavirus pandemic and its disruption to local lodge meetings, IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. has granted special dispensation to all local lodges to utilize alternate procedures concerning three critical, time-sensitive processes related to the upcoming 40th Grand Lodge Convention in San Diego.

In an April 6 letter sent to IAM leadership at all levels of the organization, Martinez outlined options for lodges to elect Grand Lodge Convention delegates and alternate delegates, and submit constitutional amendments and resolutions without holding regular lodge meetings in April, May or June 2020. The alternate procedures will keep members safe while also protecting the membership’s right to have a voice in the selection of delegates and the setting of the convention agenda. 

The alternate procedures allow Local Lodges and their members to do the following:

– Nominate and vote for Grand Lodge Convention delegates and alternate delegates by mail.

– Submit proposed constitutional changes to the Local Lodge’s Committee on the Revision of the Constitution by mail.

– Submit proposed resolutions to the Local Lodge’s executive board by mail.

Local Lodges are not required to adopt these alternative procedures. They may, if it is not contrary social distancing directives and the Local Lodge Executive Board determines it is safe and practical for the membership to meet face to face, utilize regular procedures outlined in Official Circulars 874, 875 and 876. However, if a Lodge does not follow the regular procedures, they must follow the alternate procedures provided for in the special dispensations.

“These are extraordinary and unprecedented times, and they demand that we take actions that are extraordinary and unprecedented to ensure that the democratic character of our organization is preserved and that the important work of the membership continues,” said Martinez.

The 40th IAM Grand Lodge Convention is scheduled for September 6-12, 2020 in San Diego.

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